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significantly reduced in large part the result of the great work of the u.k. and afghan armed forces. we remain committed to afghanistan for the long term and continue to support the development of the afghan national security forces through continued funding and involvement in training. continued contribution to a and the political process combine with armed forces efforts will underpin a state that is capable of policing its own lands. at this part al qaeda will not be able to reestablish itself in afghanistan. >> dr. julian lewis. the taliban have been told when most of our troops will be leaving and they need to be told what factions to expect if they help al qaeda to return. what will those sanctions be and would an allied regional strategic base serve to make incredible? >> the most important sanction for everyone to bear in mind is afghan national security forces are already at the level of 335,000 and increasingly capable and increasingly able to police and secure their own country but of course we will continue to be involved not least through the opposite training academy we will esta
benefits. and across the uk, there's over 1000 people who have died only months after being told to find work. this is 2012. we are supposed to be a civilized society. we should be looking after the disabled citizens here in the uk. will the prime minister listen to the 62000 people who signed the petition? and finally, finally, please order an assessment of all changes -- [inaudible] >> i will look very carefully at the very tragic case the honorable gentleman brings to the house, everyone's thoughtful got to that person family and to what has happened to them. what i would say to him is that the actual money we're putting into this disability benefit over the coming years is going up and not down. i think everybody knows that everyone except when it have a review of disability benefits. some people have been stuck on these benefits and not been reviewed for year after year after year. that is the view of the disability charities and that's the view of the government as well. >> harry jaffa baldwin. >> thank you, mr. speaker. as we approach christmas, will the prime minister join me in
, unemployment is 2.4% lower than the uk's. growth is 2.5% and -- [inaudible] will the prime minister be gracious enough to congratulate iceland for working hard and turning things around and maybe he can learn from iceland? >> i think if the case for an independent scotland is make us more like iceland, i'm not sure that will totally recommend itself to the voters. written and iceland have very good relations, and i will make sure that remains to be the ca case. >> could not also welcome the fall and the youth and unemployment were youth unemployed has fallen steadily for the past nine months. and is the lowest since may 2010. but i urge the prime minister took in 10 youth this conference investment into youth contract? >> i'm grateful for the honorable lady's point. we will continue not just for the apprenticeships which reach over 1 million under this government but also the youth contract and particularly work experience because what we are seeing is a large number so people who go into work experience come off benefits, find a job and find it a very good start to a career and a working group
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3